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My goal for tonight is to be so close to Lorde at her concert that I’ll be able to catch her sweat every time she twitches while dancing.

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what the hell’s a laker
Anonymous: Brushing your teeth at night is the worse

You must have stanky breath if you don’t brush them at night

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Anonymous: 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽

Stop placing food emojis in my ask. It’s 11 PM at night and I already brushed my teeth

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Anonymous: You're fucking awesome.

My mom tells me that all the time

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Anonymous: 🍉


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isnt this from gossip girl



Don’t even pretend like you DON’T remember this song

I will admit, this was and still is my favorite Disney song

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medusa, trying to turn you to stone, but you accidentally called her “melissa” when you first walked in and now you’re too embarrassed to look at her. “it’s alright” she keeps saying “i get it all the time” but you still won’t look. u don’t even remember the stone thing until later

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Anonymous: I think they reason why Lorde twitches and hunches is because she has lordosis... Haaaaaa I'm hilarious.

That is not funny. Lordosis attacks millions upon millions a year. Right now, as you are reading this at home, children in Africa are dying of Lordosis. But in this world of darkness, there is definitely a light. For only $1 a day, you can help save the innocent children facing this horrible disease. The start of a positive future, starts with you. 

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I am so fucking ready for you tomorrow
Anonymous: why arent we married yet?

What are you talking about? You mean to tell me you don’t remember our wedding night, all those dates we had, and the birth/adoption of our children, anon?

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I don’t understand why I find this hilarious 
Anonymous: god im waiting on me knees for you


Might as well pray to Jesus while you’re there 🙏

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